EPF Members Investment Scheme
    • Diversify your EPF Savings with AHAM Capital

      EPF Members Investment Scheme (“EPF-MIS”) is a voluntary investment scheme introduced as an option for EPF members to boost their retirement savings. Under this scheme, members have a choice to transfer 30% from the savings in excess of the Basic Savings amount in Account 1 into unit trust products
      offered by the appointed Fund Management Institutions (FMI).

      Who’s Eligible?

      EPF members, age 18 – 54 with savings above the prescribed Basic Savings amount in Account 1

      What is Basic Savings?

      Basic Savings refer to the minimum amount of savings that members need in order to support their basic retirement needs when they reach their retirement age.

      It is a pre-determined amount set according to age in Account 1 – the older a person, the higher the basic savings requirement.

      Find out your Basic Savings amount



      Basic Savings



      How does EPF-MIS Work?

      30% from the savings in excess of the Basic Savings amount in Account 1

      Total Savings in
      EPF Account 1

      Basic Savings required
      in EPF Account 1


      If Irina is a 35-year old EPF member and has RM80,000 in her EPF account 1, her Basic Savings requirement in Account 1 is RM57,000. The permitted withdrawal for EPF-MIS will be (RM80,000 - RM57,000) x 30% = RM6,900.

      What is Simpanan Shariah?

      Simpanan Shariah is a savings option managed and invested by EPF in accordance with Shariah principles. A Shariah governance framework is established to govern the Shariah compliance aspects of EPF's Simpanan Shariah.

      Members who have chosen Simpanan Shariah are not allowed to revoke their decision and revert to Simpanan Conventional after the effective date.

      EPF Members
      may choose between
      Simpanan Conventional or
      Simpanan Shariah

      Simpanan Conventional

      Simpanan Shariah

      Know the Difference



      Akad (Shariah Contract)

      Shariah Compliant Dividend Rate

      Conventional Minimum Dividend of 2.5%

      Endorsed by Shariah Advisory Committee (SAC) of EPF

      Account Switching

    • Benefits of EPF-MIS

      An opportunity to diversify your retirement savings

      Variety of funds to choose from depending on your objective and risk level

      No cash investment required

      Overseas investment exposure

      Potentially boost the total value of your EPF savings

      Diversify your long term investments

    • How to Register for Simpanan Shariah?

      EPF Members are required to be present at any EPF counter and they should bring along their MyKad for Malaysians, and Passport for foreigners for identity verification.

      Now You Can Invest Via EPF i-Invest
      What is EPF i-Invest?

      EPF i-Invest is a self-service online investment platform within the EPF i-Akaun member portal.

      i-Akaun (Member)

      • EPF member has to register as a user of i-Akaun (Member)
      • EPF member has to register their mobile phone number for receiving the TAC number.

      How to Invest

      Log in to your EPF i-Akaun.

      Click on "Investment" on the menu bar, select "Transactions", then click "Buy".

      Select AHAM Asset Management Berhad as your fund management institution
      (FMI / IPD) & pick your desired unit trust fund(s).

      Enter your investment amount 
      & complete your transaction.
    • Pelbagaikan Simpanan KWSP Anda Dengan AHAM Capital

      Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP ("SPA-KWSP") merupakan satu skim pelaburan sukarela yang diperkenalkan pada November 1996 sebagai satu alternatif bagi ahli KWSP menambah simpanan persaraan mereka. Di bawah skim ini, pencarum boleh memilih untuk memindahkan tidak melebihi 30% daripada simpanan yang melebihi jumlah Simpanan Asas dalam Akaun 1 ke dalam produk unit amanah yang ditawarkan oleh Institusi Pengurusan Dana (“IPD”).


      Ahli KWSP, umur 18 – 54 yang memiliki simpanan melebihi jumlah Simpanan Asas dalam Akaun 1 yang ditetapkan

      Apa itu Simpanan Asas?

      Simpanan Asas merujuk kepada jumlah simpanan minimum yang diperlukan oleh pencarum untuk memenuhi keperluan asas mereka apabila mencapai umur persaraan.

      Nilai di dalam Akaun 1 ditentukan mengikut umur. Secara umumnya, pencarum yang lebih tua memerlukan lebih banyak simpanan asas.

      Ketahui amaun Simpan Asas anda



      Simpanan Asas



      Bagaimanakah SPA-KWSP Berfungsi?

      30% daripada simpanan melebihi jumlah Simpanan Asas dalam Akaun 1

      Jumlah simpanan dalam KWSP Akaun 1

      Simpanan Asas diperlukan dalam Akaun 1 KWSP 1


      Jika Irina ialah seorang ahli KWSP berumur 35 tahun yang mempunyai RM80,000 dalam Akaun 1 KWSP beliau, Simpanan Asas yang diperlukan dalam Akaun 1 ialah RM57,000. Jumlah pengeluaran yang dibenarkan untuk SPA-KWSP adalah (RM80,000 - RM57,000) x 30% = RM6,900

      Apakah Simpanan Shariah?

      Simpanan Shariah ialah pilihan simpanan KWSP yang diuruskan dan dilaburkan menurut prinsip Shariah. Rangka kerja tadbir urus Shariah disediakan untuk memastikan Simpanan Shariah KWSP dikawal selia berlandaskan Shariah.

      Ahli KWSP mempunyai pilihan untuk mencarum dalam Simpanan Konvensional atau Simpanan Shariah

      Simpanan Konvensional

      Simpanan Shariah

      Perbezaan antara Simpanan Shariah dan Simpanan Konvensional



      Akad (Kontrak Shariah)

      Shariah Compliant Dividend Rate

      Berasaskan prestasi pelaburan konvensional dan tertakluk kepada dividen minimum 2.5%

      Pengendorsan oleh Jawatankuasa Penasihat Shariah (SAC) KWSP

      Pertukaran Akaun

    • Manfaat SPA-KWSP

      Peluang mempelbagaikan simpanan persaraan anda

      Pelbagai jenis dana untuk dipilih berdasarkan objektif dan tahap risiko

      Tiada pelaburan tunai diperlukan

      Pendedahan kepada pelaburan di luar Malaysia

      Berpotensi meningkatkan jumlah nilai simpanan KWSP anda

      Pelbagaikan pelaburan jangka panjang anda

    • Bagaimana untuk mencarum dalam Simpanan Shariah?

      Ahli KWSP perlu mengunjungi mana-mana kaunter KWSP dan mereka harus membawa MyKad untuk rakyat Malaysia, dan Pasport untuk pekerja asing untuk pengesahan identiti.

      Pelaburan Dalam SPA-KWSP Kini Lebih Mudah Dengan i-Invest KWSP
      Apa itu i-Invest KWSP?

      i-Invest KWSP merupakan platform pelaburan atas talian layan diri dalam portal i-Akaun KWSP.

      i-Akaun (Ahli)

      • Ahli mendaftar sebagai pengguna i-Akaun (Ahli).
      • Ahli mempunyai nombor telefon bimbit yang berdaftar bagi penerimaan nombor TAC.

      Bagaimana cara untuk melabur?

      Log masuk ke dalam i-Akaun KWSP anda.

      Klik "Pelaburan", pilih "Transaksi", dan kemudian klik "Beli".

      Pilih AHAM Asset Management Berhad sebagai institusi pengurusan dana (FMI / IPD) anda. Pilih dana unit amanah yang anda inginkan.

      Akhir sekali, daftar keluar dengan 
      AHAM Asset Management Berhad bagi melengkapkan transaksi.
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​Teng began his career in the financial industry as an Investment Manager with NTUC Income, Singapore. He is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the National University of Singapore and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Studies from City University in London.
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