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    If you have already begun your investment and wealth creation journey, the next important step would be to ensure protection and continuity of those very assets for your next generation. In collaboration with our Trustee partner, Affin Hwang Trustee Berhad (“AHTB”), our Beneficiary Account service helps you ensure a quick and hassle-free distribution arrangement for your kin and loved ones.

    To begin, a joint account will be set up between an investor (as the primary account holder) and AHTB (as the secondary account holder. In the event of one’s passing, AHTB shall distribute the monies and assets to the right full beneficiary(ies) named by the deceased investor.
    how does it work?

    invest & nominate
    Investor invests with AHAM Capital under Beneficiary Account and nominates beneficiary(ies).

    Beneficiary(ies) submit complete documents to AHTB.

    Verify & Redeem
    AHTB verifies the documents and redeems the deceased investor’s investments under Beneficiary Account.

    AHTB distributes the money to the rightful beneficiary(ies) within fourteen (14) working days.
  • FAQs
    1. Who is Affin Hwang Trustee Berhad?
    AHTB is bank-backed corporate trustee that offers trusteeship services to individuals and corporate clients. AHAM Capital’s Beneficiary Account service is crafted in collaboration with AHTB, who acts as a Trustee to safeguard the assets of investors.
    2. What are the advantages of a Beneficiary Account?
    • Investor’s investments would not be frozen upon demise.
    • Quick and seamless distribution to the nominated beneficiary(ies).
    • Immediate liquidity to aid dependents who are in need of funds for living expenses and other urgent matters.
    3. What investments are applicable for a Beneficiary Account?
    Our Beneficiary Account service is only applicable for cash investments into Unit Trust Funds (retail and wholesale), and is NOT applicable to investments via or into EPF-Members Investment Scheme, Private Retirement Schemes (“PRS”) and / or private mandates.
    4. Does the investor require AHTB’s consent or signature to purchase, redeem, and / or switch investment units under the Beneficiary Account?
    No. During the investor’s lifetime, AHTB is merely a secondary account holder and does not hold any rights, interest, and / or entitlement to the investor’s monies. In the event of the investor’s demise, AHTB (as the survivor of the Beneficiary Account) shall redeem the investment and distribute the monies to the nominated beneficiary(ies).
    5. Can an investor continue to purchase, redeem, and / or switch investment units under the Beneficiary Account?
    Yes, all investment activities shall remain as it typically would for a unit trust fund.
  • Terms & Conditions
    1. The Beneficiary Account service is open to all non-Muslim investors of AHAM Asset Management Berhad (“AHAM Capital”).
    2. The minimum investment sum required to open a Beneficiary Account is RM30,000.00 or of equivalent value in a foreign currency, or of equivalent value in units at the point of application.
    3. Each Beneficiary Account is only applicable for one (1) individual. Each individual will have to open one (1) joint account with Affin Hwang Trustee Berhad (“AHTB”) individually.
    4. An investor may nominate up to six (6) beneficiaries for each Beneficiary Account.
    5. In the event the beneficiary(ies) is a minor (below 18 years of age), AHTB will distribute the minor beneficiary’s entitlement to his / her legal guardian(s). 
    6. AHTB will take up to fourteen (14) working days, upon the beneficiary’s / claimant’s submission of complete documents to AHTB, to distribute the monies to the beneficiary(ies).
    7. An investor may close the Beneficiary Account and redeem the investments at any time. There will be no charges to close the Beneficiary Account unless mentioned otherwise.
    8. The Beneficiary Account will take effect on the same day upon the submission of complete documents before the cut-off time in place for respective unit trust funds, subject to the acceptance of AHAM Capital and AHTB.
  • Cost
    The fees and charges to open and maintain a Beneficiary Account are as follows :
    • Setup Fee – RM 100.00
    • Trustee Fee (only chargeable upon Investor’s demise) – 0.75% on the total investment value, or minimum fee of RM500.00, whichever is higher. The Trustee Fee will be deducted prior to the distribution of monies under the Beneficiary Account to the nominated beneficiary(ies).
  • Downloads
    Beneficiary Account Brochure
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Managing Director
Teng Chee Wai is the founder of Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad (Affin Hwang AM). Over the past decade, he has built the Company to be the fastest growing and only independent investment management house in Malaysia’s top three, with an excess of RM47 billion in assets under management as at 31 December 2018.​

​In his capacity as Managing Director / Executive Director, Teng manages the overall business and strategic direction as well as the management of the investment team. His hands-on approach sees him actively involved in investments, product development and marketing. Teng’s critical leadership and regular participation in reviewing and assessing strategies and performance has been pivotal in allowing the Company to successfully navigate the economically turbulent decade.

Teng’s investment management experience spans more than 20 years, and his key area of expertise is in managing absolute return mandates for insurance assets and investment-linked funds in both Singapore and Malaysia. Prior to his current appointments, he was the Assistant General Manager (Investment) of Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC) and was responsible for the investment function of the Group Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd.​

​Teng began his career in the financial industry as an Investment Manager with NTUC Income, Singapore. He is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the National University of Singapore and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Studies from City University in London.
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