Complete the questions below to determine your risk profile.
Which of the below best describes your risk tolerance towards your investment portfolio?
*If this option is selected, your risk profile will be defaulted to "Very Low" regardless of the total score. Please note that you are still required to complete the rest of the questionnaire.
I have investment knowledge, and experience in the following capital market products:
You may select more than one product.
*Please specify:
How proficient are you on capital market products?
How many years of investment experience do you have in capital market products?
I plan to invest for:
How much of a dip in your investment portfolio would you be able to tolerate before you decide to redeem your investments?
Illustration above is not intended to represent a specific investment portfolio that is offered by AHAM. The potential dips indicated is merely to gauge your investment risk tolerance, and should not be taken as an expected performance from an investment portfolio.
In the event of a sudden loss in stable income,
Your Results
Your Score
Your Risk Appetite
Very Low
As you have previously selected “I can accept minimal risk of capital loss, even if it means lower investment returns.”, hence your risk profile is defaulted to “Very Low” regardless of total score.
Risk Profile Types
0 - 36
Very low risk appetite. Seek capital preservation.
37 - 52
Low risk appetite. Seek income with low tolerance.
53 - 68
Moderate risk appetite. Seek a balance of income and growth with moderate risk tolerance.
69 - 84
High risk appetite. Seek growth with moderately high risk tolerance.
85 - 100
Very High risk appetite. Seek growth with high risk tolerance.
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